Absolute Washing Sponge

OU180150 - GS27 Accessoires

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> 3 surfaces to rub without scratching, remove stubborn stains

Discover the new GS27® Absolute Washing Sponge, specially adapted for your vehicle. Practical, its tracked part carries the dirt without spreading it. Its honeycombed part (clear) makes it possible to demoice effectively without risk of scratches and its micro-fibrous surface (dark part) makes it possible to overcome stubborn stains.

Use: Rinse your vehicle with clean water. Then dip your sponge into a bucket of water diluted with a GS27® shampoo, and scrub your body. Start with the high parts of the vehicle to finish at the bottom. Do not forget to rinse the GS27 Absolute Washing Sponge regularly with clean water.

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