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Since 1968, we have been ensuring the perfect maintenance of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. If GS27® is the leading brand in vehicle car care products today, it’s because we have always considered quality as our priority.

Our goal is to constantly offer you the most effective and innovative products to guarantee you an unmatched result for your vehicle

Our Story

GS27® was created by Mr Serge Gaultier, a car enthusiast who attached great importance to the overall look and shine of his car. He spent many hours on this! Where does the name GS27 come from?

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The adventure began in markets, fairs and exhibitions with the demonstrations carried-out by Mr Serge Gaultier himself. His products created a buzz around GS27® brand and attracted the major French television shopping channels. From that moment, everything accelerated for GS27®.

Today the brand has over two hundred references entirely dedicated to car, motorcycle and bicycle care products that remain faithful to the heritage left by Mr Gaultier, a guarantee of innovation and quality.

A flagship brand that's ahead of the field

Since 1968, GS27® has been a true forerunner in the field of vehicle cleaning and maintenance products. Established in France, specifically in Touraine (37), today the brand is the undisputed leader on the French market.

GS27® continues to expand internationally ensuring it remains as always THE benchmark in its area.

GS27 in Touraine, Centre Val de Loire, France

Innovation to guarantee performance

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Innovation is part of the DNA of GS27®. The company works daily to develop innovative techniques and products that meet the needs of a passionate & demanding clientele.

GS27® has the capacity to develop in-house technical and innovative products for all types of vehicles. Thanks to its laboratory and integrated Research & Development department, the brand has a major asset for permanently maintaining a good head start in highly competitive market. With continuously improved formulations, GS27® helps to make high-technology products accessible to the end-user. With its expertise in fine chemistry, the composition of formulae is regularly adapted to follow manufacturing evolutions.

From Titanium® technology for enhanced protection to the 100% biodegradable eco-friendly range and anti-bacterial products, GS27® innovations attest to its vitality and ability to innovate year after year. You will be accompanied by one of the most dynamic and inventive players on the market for the care and maintenance of your vehicles.

International Presence

GS27® is represented on every continent, with products adapted to each country. The brand has a dedicated export team and meets the highest expectations of an international clientele.

GS27 World International presence

A presence at the world’s leading trade

GS27® has always kept its eyes on the world and has become a benchmark brand at international trade shows such as:

GS27 Car Event


  • Automechanika
    Frankfurt & Dubai
  • AAPEX Las Vegas
  • Equip'Auto Paris
  • CIACCE Beijing
GS27 Motorcycle Event


  • EICMA Milan
  • Intermot Cologne
  • etc
GS27 Bicycle Event


  • Eurobike Friedrichshafen
  • Interbike Las Vegas
  • etc
GS27 vehicle care products

For your vehicle, choose the GS27 brand, THE benchmark in cleaning and maintenance products for two-and four-wheel vehicles.