Interior and Finish

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For more ride comfort, take care of your interior.


Maintaining plastics

Clean and repair your car’s interior plastics (dashboard, door trims, etc.). Spray this product evenly approximately 20cm from the surface to be treated. Wait a few seconds, then dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

Our advice:

For areas that are difficult to access on the dashboard, spray on the microfiber first and then apply.

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Fabrics and leather

Vacuum the interior and shake out the ground mat.


Clean all fabric surfaces of your vehicle (seat, carpet, mat). Shake the aerosol and spray the fabric cleaner approximately 35cm from the surface to be treated. Rub energetically with a brush if necessary. Leave the product to work until the treated surface is totally dry. Vacuum or brush.


Apply the product directly to the dirty surfaces. Dry by delicately rubbing it with a microfiber cloth. Polish and shine using a second microfiber cloth. The product can also be applied directly on the microfiber cloth.

Our advice:

Clean all surfaces (seat, carpet), not just the area to be cleaned, in order to avoid “cleaning stains”. Using very soft and rather matt leather (lamb), apply the product with very small movements (light gentle touches) and if possible, while stretching the cloth (to avoid any stains).

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Shake the product and spray, with no excess, on the surface to be cleaned. Wait a few seconds, then dry in circular movements with a clean microfiber cloth. For better visibility when it rains, apply the GS27 Classics® Anti-Rain to the exterior of the windows once cleaned.

To avoid the appearance of condensation, apply the GS27 Classics® Anti-Condensation to the interior of the windows once cleaned.

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