Deocar Ball - Monoï

AC180022 - GS27 Deocar

5,90 €


Déocar® Ball is a new concept of car interior perfume.

Practical, it fits directly into the air vents of the vehicle. This allows it to benefit directly from the ventilation system to distribute the fragrance harmoniously throughout the cabin.

Déocar Ball is totally safe for your vehicle. This innovative product is guaranteed without any risk of scratches or scratches on the ventilation fins.

Deocar Ball contains no liquid or gel, it leaves no trace or drift on the dashboard. Its perforated shell contains the fragrance and diffuses it continuously and homogeneously over time.

Déocar Ball proposes original perfumes ,made in France, of great quality and very long duration: up to 60 days of efficiency.


Up to 60 days of fragrance effectiveness