Road Film Shampoo

- GS27 Pro

The GS27 Pro® Road Film Shampoo is a concentrated shampoo designed to maintain passenger and commercial vehicles.

 It is multi-functional and can be used on all parts of the vehicle (bodywork, covers, trailers, etc.) and on all surfaces (plastic, paint, wheels).

Its great foaming and wetting properties make it really effective in completely dissolving the road film. It is high-performance and eliminates all dirty marks.

Its strong sequestering properties allow it to avoid any trace of lime scale, even if it is used with hard water.

It leaves the bodywork shining and gives it a long-term water-repellent effect.

The GS27 Pro® Road Film Shampoo is compatible with the whole Venturi system.

It can also be used with all automatic high-pressure washing systems, car washes, hand sprayers and hand washing.

This product is food-safe.

This product is not on sale. Please contact us for more information.

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